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Leslie Gray with Solar Sisters associates

Leslie Gray with Solar Sisters associates

Leslie Gray: Turning on the Lights

Leslie Gray gave the keynote speech at a workshop organized by the U.N. Foundation, Solar Sister, and the Energy Access Practitioner in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on August 24, 2017. The event launched her Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship's report, "Turning on the Lights: Transcending Energy Poverty through the Power of Women Entrepreneurs." This report assesses the impacts portable solar lanterns have on education, health, productivity, finances and women's economic and social empowerment in rural communities in Tanzania. The report also explores how Solar Sister's women-centered distribution model delivers clean energy access to the last mile and how women and men benefit differently from solar energy use.

Link (pdf) to turning on the lights white paper.

Leslie (second from left) with a few friends from the Solar Sisters Organization