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Spring Break in Baja!

I was honored to be able to spend my spring break in Baja California identifying plant species and writing about natural history with Professor Farnsworth, Professor Marvier, and sixteen of my fellow students. The trip was the culmination of the advanced writing and natural history courses we took during winter quarter. Our group kayaked along the coast of the beautiful Isla Espíritu Santo and camped on various beaches along the way. Every day revealed a new adventure such as jumping off waterfalls, swimming with sea lions, and snorkeling alongside diverse fish and wildlife. Although we weren't able to circumnavigate the island due to the weather, the experience was rich and rewarding. Our team bonded through choppy waves, delicious meals, and poetry reading around the "campfire." For our final project we turned in journals which we kept throughout the adventure. They included species lists, reflections and observations about our experiences and the natural world. The Baja trip allowed me to learn more about myself and the wider environment through my professors, the knowledgeable guides, and our fantastic outdoor classroom!

Baja 2016 at sunset

Getting ready to tour

Is he laughing at us or with us?