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Victoria Adetuyi ’15, Environmental Studies: From ESS to Graduate School in Sustainability Management

Victoria Adetuyi '15 was recently accepted into Master’s programs in Sustainability Management at Columbia University, the University of Washington’s Evans School of Public Affairs, UC San Francisco, and the Presidio Graduate School for Sustainability.

The end of my undergraduate career creates the perfect opportunity for me to reflect on my experiences at Santa Clara University. The culmination of experiences and people I have encountered at SCU have inspired me to continue my academic path in the area of Environmental Studies and Sciences.  I was more deeply introduced to the topics of environmental studies during my freshmen year, when I took ENVS 22 with Professor Chris Bacon.  This class reinforced my interests in the subject, which has only grown over the last few years.  My interests were further stimulated when I lived and worked in Copenhagen, Denmark.  During my time abroad, I was introduced to the innumerable possibilities for sustainable practices at both the government and corporate level. I was perplexed by the Danes’ willingness to embrace natural energy systems and incorporate sustainable action that is proactive, not reactive.  Yet my perplexity was quickly illuminated by the vast possibilities to include sustainable planning within the United States government, corporations, and indu

stries.  This led me on a journey to find a graduate program in the area of Sustainability Management to further develop my interests in sustainability and ultimately align humanity with nature. Sustainable management is the requisite standard for the future’s lifeline of societal and business improvement.

In my quest for a graduate program which aligns with my academic and professional goals, I applied to and was accepted to Columbia University’s Master of Science in Sustainability Management program. The courses and professors at SCU were extremely influential in my admittance to the program of my choice.  The program focuses on creating a bold and innovative approach to sustainability which teaches students how to prioritize the protection of Earth systems and resources while creating social and economic opportunity for all people. This focus extends both internationally and domestically.  The overall environment and structure at SCU has played the largest role in my transition from undergraduate to postgraduate work.  I look forward to embarking on a new journey, which will expand my knowledge in a field I feel tremendously passionately about.  Go ESS@SCU!