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Individual Studies Program

Individual Studies

The Individual Studies Program (ISP) major has been established to meet the needs of students who wish to design a course of studies with a multidisciplinary perspective. ISP majors can lead to a bachelor of arts (BA) degree or a bachelor of science (BS) degree in social science. ISP does not offer a bachelor of science (natural science) degree option.

All ISP majors must include a significant portion of courses taken in different disciplines. Such curricular diversity for ISP proposals is considered essential and defining of any ISP major. There is a strong preference for curriculum for the proposed ISP major to be constituted from existing courses as opposed to independent study or directed readings courses.

Study abroad courses can play an important role in an ISP major but are subject to limits. Courses taken abroad may be used to complete no more than four courses in the proposed plan of study.

The student must identify and secure a faculty advisor who agrees to oversee the ISP major. All continuing SCU faculty members in good standing may serve as the academic advisor for an ISP major. The faculty member’s area(s) or expertise must intersect with the student’s proposed area of study. The faculty member is responsible for reviewing and approving the coursework (including possible electives and, if necessary, substitutions) and for providing the ISP student with at minimum annual advising during the spring quarter.  The faculty advisor also agrees to complete the student’s pre-graduation audit associated with the ISP major requirements.

Students who want to pursue an ISP major should begin by scheduling a meeting with the program director to obtain a list of instructions regarding administrative details.



Kat Saxton, Ph.D., Director

Vari Hall, Arts & Sciences Dean's Office