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Marin Avram, winner of the 2022 Nancy Keil Service Excellence Award

Marin Avram, winner of the 2022 Nancy Keil Service Excellence Award

Marin Avram Recognized by the College of Arts and Sciences

Marin Avram awarded the Nancy Keil Service Excellence Award

Nancy Keil Service Excellence Award
In recognition of staff having established a well-deserved reputation for sustained excellence and initiative in providing technical or administrative support service, and for consistently approaching one’s responsibilities with a professionalism that demonstrates dedication to the welfare of students and others and that leads by example.

Marin is truly one of the unsung heroes on this campus. His job, caring for the animals at SCU, is largely unseen. Marin came to SCU with extensive experience as a veterinarian in Romania, and he brings great skill, extensive experience, and compassion to the animals under his care. He has collaborated on research projects, trained students, and provided stellar care to the animals under his care. His unwavering care and commitment have contributed to the success of faculty and students alike.

Marin’s colleagues are impressed and touched by his dedication and his kindness. They share that “Marin's love of animals, deep compassion, integrity, and commitment to the well being of animals has made him a joy to work with all these years. Marin is always such a pleasure to be around. He's kind, respectful, hard-working, always ready to help and lend a hand. Most importantly, all throughout COVID when the majority of the university was working remotely, Marin could not do this—he had to be here, no matter what, day-in and day-out—often seven days a week. And not once did Marin complain about this. He has been doing this (quite literally) back-breaking job for more than 20 years now.”

His commitment to his work goes far beyond his job description, and has been an important part of the success of many faculty and students. We have been fortunate to have Marin at SCU for so many years, and we will be in real trouble when he decides to retire.

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