Military Science accomplishments - September 2015

Mitchel Bugaj ’17 earned his air assault badge this summer and was a distinguished honor graduate.  He completed Air Assault School, which is composed of three phases: Combat Assault includes aircraft orientation and safety, close combat attacks, and combat assault operations; Slingload Operations, the second phase, includes planning and operations preparation, familiarization with equipment, and duties and responsibilities for personnel; during the third phase, soldiers receive instruction on basic ground and aircraft repelling procedures.

Cadet Patrick Shanahan ‘16 came in fourth out of 160 cadets in his company, earning him an excellent rating during the Cadet Leaders Course (CLC), a 31-day camp at Ft. Knox, Kentucky. CLC is a capstone training for all juniors. The camp starts out with briefings, transitions into basic soldiering skills and culminates in a week of field operations. Santa Clara sent nine cadets to CLC this year, and four of the six highest ratings went to its cadets. 

Among the honorable mentions for superior performance during the CLC are cadets Robert Scalzo ’17, Stephen Warnick ‘17, Christoper Iliff ‘16 and Sarah Marble ‘16, and recent graduate Rebecca Cardwell ’15.  They all performed in the top 20% across the country.

The ROTC program is proud of the Bronco cadets.