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Department ofPhilosophy

Brian Buckley

Brian Buckley

Senior Lecturer

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

PhD, Loyola University Chicago, 2011; JD George Washington University, 1994

Areas of specialization include philosophy of law, political philosophy, and applied ethics. Concentrations include history of philosophy and ethical theory.

Professor Buckley's teaching and research centers on personhood. This intersects with his courses offered on justice (particularly procedural), democracy, applied ethics, and the rule of law. His recent publication of the chapter “Leadership, Personhood, and Race” (2023) argues for a person-centered leadership to combat continuing effects of a racist history and develop professional and personal relationships in organizations. This builds upon his work in “Racism and the Denial of Personhood” (2019) describing through a Personalist analysis how racism fundamentally denies persons’ voice, narrative, and recognition as a Thou. His chapter “Returning to Redemption as a Theory Justifying Punishment” (2016) claims that state punishment of criminals may be justified in part by through a subjective emphasis on personal redemption. Professor Buckley's dissertation argues for personhood in cases of anencephalic children.

Professor Buckley was awarded the Brutacao Award for Teaching Excellence in 2018.

Professor Buckley was awarded the Drahmann Advising Award in 2015 for his six-year term as SCU Director of Pre-Law Advising.