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California History

Located adjacent to historic Mission Santa Clara de Asís, the de Saisset features a rich collection of objects and artifacts that help tell the complex and fascinating history of this area. The collection, much of which is on display in our permanent California Stories exhibition, includes baskets, hunting implements, and ceremonial objects from Native California; paintings, Eucharistic vessels, and historic artifacts from historic Mission Santa Clara; farm tools and archaeological finds from the Rancho Period; and scientific instruments, faculty spotlights, and archival images of the early history of Santa Clara College (now University).

Native California

The de Saisset Museum is home to baskets, hunting implements, and other objects that speak to life in the Santa Clara Valley prior to the arrival of the Spanish Missionaries.

Mission Period

Located adjacent to Mission Santa Clara de Asís, the de Saisset has become the de facto "Mission museum," housing many of the artifacts associated with the history of the Mission.

Rancho Period

The museum houses a small collection of objects and artworks that tell the stories of life on the California Ranchos following the collapse of the missions.

Santa Clara College

Now called Santa Clara University, Santa Clara College was founded in 1851. The museum houses a collection of objects that document the early history of the College up to the 1930s.