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  • (Re)Writing the Narrative

    September 29 - December 1, 2017

    (Re)Writing the Narrative considers the multitude of ways artists can write, rewrite, or call into question social narratives through artworks from our permanent collection as well as works from private collections.

  • Unique and Multiple: Selections from Smith Andersen Editions, the Legacy of Paula Z. Kirkeby

    April 7 - June 17, 2017

    Unique and Multiple is both a chronological survey of work produced by the Smith Andersen Editions press and now housed in the museum’s Smith Andersen Editions Archive and a tribute to its founder and guiding spirit Paula Z. Kirkeby.

  • A Geography of Hope: Student Photography and Creative Writing in Conversation

    April 7 - June 17, 2017

    SCU students mentored and inspired by the work of Frank Sinatra Scholar-Artist-in-Residence Anna Deavere Smith, come together to present their work from their respective classes, SCU’s Exploring Society through Photography and Creative Writing and Social Justice.

  • Crossing Cultures: Belle Yang, A Story of Immigration

    September 30 - December 4, 2016

    Born in Taiwan and now living in Santa Cruz County, artist Belle Yang shares the story of her family's journey from China to America through vibrant paintings, illustrations, and graphic novels. Told with a mix of insight, humor, and wit, Yang's story of immigration is at once uniquely personal and universal.

  • Virgin Landscape: Representations of Women and the American West

    January 20 - March 19, 2017

    This guest-curated exhibition brings together a group of works from the de Saisset's permanent collection to illuminate the intersectionality of gender and the environment in the American West. The selected works reveal multiple perspectives on women in the West, featuring images of and about women, as well as portraits and landscapes taken by women.

  • Bruce Beasley Recent Work: Coriolis and Torqueri

    September 30 - December 4, 2016

    Internationally known artist Bruce Beasley finds inspiration in what he calls “the building blocks of nature,” that is, the various forces that shape and sustain the universe. The pieces in this exhibition, on display in an American museum for the first time, developed from the artist’s desire to give expression and meaning to twisting and bending shapes that were impossible to realize through conventional processes of sculptural production.

  • Bear Witness: Photographs and Interviews by S. Beth Atkin

    April 8 - June 12, 2016

    Bear Witness: Photographs and Interviews by S. Beth Atkin traces Atkin's journey of investigation, trust, access, and representation, bringing together pieces of photography and writing from three bodies of work. In this compilation, one finds how Atkin often explores the positive opportunities for growth or advancement rising out of difficult scenarios.

  • Gold Rush

    January 15 - March 13, 2016

    The 1849 Gold Rush deeply and irrevocably transformed California's landscape, bringing hundreds of thousands of people to the San Francisco area in only a few short years. Not everyone struck it rich in the gold mines or through the resulting industry, but the legacy of the Gold Rush is palpable, even today. Guest curated by Chris Sicat, Gold Rush explores the historical context of the region and the symbolism of gold through contemporary art, sports, and culture.

  • On Top of the Game: Santa Clara Sports, 1851-1950

    November 15 - December 6, 2015,
    January 15 - March 13, 2016,
    and April 8 - June 12, 2016

    Before the NFL came to the Bay Area, before the 49ers were a household name, there were the Santa Clara Broncos. Able to fill San Francisco's Kezar Stadium with more than 60,000 fans on a Sunday afternoon, Bronco football was a powerhouse in Bay Area sports entertainment. And, it was just one of a few sports where Santa Clara Broncos excelled. On Top of the Game traces nearly 100 years of Santa Clara sports history, beginning with the establishment of the school in 1851 and ending with an impressive Orange Bowl victory in 1950.

  • Closer by the Minute

    September 18 - December 6, 2015

    Through two captivating and immersive installations, artists David and Hi-Jin Hodge address universal issues in a way that artfully blends documentary and creativity. Niagara Falling explores the rapid decline of the city of Niagara Falls, a story of urban blight that is repeated across the nation and around the world. Life on Wheels, newly created for this exhibition, explores on multiple levels the culture of transportation and what it means to drive a car in today's world.