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Disabilities Resources serves all students with disabilities (undergraduate, graduate, and law). Providing for these accommodations is federally mandated under ADA and 504 law.

While teaching at Santa Clara University you may be notified by email from Disabilities Resources that you have a student registered in your class with a documented disability and the accommodations that they are eligible for in the course you are teaching. These eligibilities may include extended time to take exams, a note taker, use of a computer for essay exams or consideration regarding attendance or assignment dates among others. Please know that a careful review of each student’s documentation has taken place prior to this email being sent. Academic accommodations shall not fundamentally alter or change the course requirements.

Students are encouraged to meet with professors to discuss how the approved eligibilities listed in the email you receive will be managed. This meeting should occur within the first two weeks of each quarter. Students newly diagnosed and registered with Disabilities Resources may be approved at any time during the quarter.


It is recommended faculty place a statement on syllabi, following the Provost statement:

Provost Syllabus Statement


Disabilities Resources is only able to administer exams for those students with dual disabilities requiring double time (2X) extension for exams or for students using assistive technology. Faculty may request to have students approved for extended time to take exams with Disabilities Resources when there are four or more students requiring extra time in one section of a class. If you have students or courses that meet these criteria, then you will click on the link provided in the email notifying you of students’ eligibilities to inform Disabilities Resources of the details of the exams we will be proctoring. The student will then schedule the time of the exam directly with Disabilities Resources.

For students with 1.5X time, arrangements should be made within your department to proctor these exams.

Faculty should make an announcement during class if you receive an email from Disabilities Resources notifying you that a student in your course has the eligibility of having a note taker. Faculty should not disclose the name of the student in need of notes. Note takers are hired by Disabilities Resources and paid a one-time stipend of $60.00 at the end of each quarter, or they may receive a Letter of Commendation for helping a disabled student. Students that want to be a note taker, should be directed to our website, disabilities resources where they will sign up to be a note taker. Note takers will usually upload their notes to our server. Disabled students that are eligible for notes in the class will download them directly. The notes will remain on the server all quarter so if the disabled student loses their notes they can download them again and again. Note takers are hired on a first come, first serve basis.

Students who wish to record lectures are recommended to meet with each professor during office hours in order to notify the professor. Recording lectures is an excellent way for students to check notes and will build note taking skills.

Students having a diagnosed medical condition that is chronic and episodic may have an approved accommodation from Disabilities Resources as to the need for consideration for class absence or delayed assignments. Students with this accommodation are required to discuss with professors the acceptable delay in any given assignment or number of missed classes. Professors are not required to alter or change essential course requirements. It is at each professor’s discretion as to the number of days late an assignment may be submitted without penalty, or the number of absences without penalty. If a student exceeds the acceptable number of negotiated missed classes or delayed assignment dates, it may be necessary for the student to withdraw from a class. Students must adhere to the deadlines for withdrawing from classes.