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About Us

The Office of Accessible Education (OAE) is charged with providing accommodations for disabled students in compliance with ADAAA/Section 504 law.  Beyond compliance, OAE is an office that advocates for students with disabilities to be granted access and inclusion to the entire SCU community and student experience.

The staff of OAE is available as a resource and works to create an accessible and cooperative learning environment at SCU. We provide appointment-based, individualized support for currently registered students and prospective OAE students currently enrolled at SCU. To meet with an adviser, please contact our office at (408) 554-4109 or visit us in Benson 1 to schedule an appointment.

The Office of Accessible Education (OAE) formerly Disabilities Resources has been designated by the University to ensure equal access for students with disabilities to all academic and University programs. This goal is met through the provision of academic accommodations, support services, self-advocacy skill training, and disability-related educational programming for the University community.

To accomplish its mission, OAE has established five broad goals:

  • To deliver effective academically related services to students which support their scholarly pursuits.
  • To advocate for the needs and interest of students, as well as to enrich and educate the campus community about our values and the services we offer.
  • To promote and foster an accepting, accessible campus environment in all the programs and services the University offers.
  • To empower students with disabilities to advocate on their own behalf, and to enrich students with the skills to be productive citizens.
  • To productively administer the resources available to the Office of Accessible Education, as well as ensure that quality customer service is our model.

Office of Accessible Education

500 El Camino Real, Benson 1
Santa Clara CA. 95053
Tel:   (408) 554-4109


Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 9am - 5pm
Zoom appointments available.
Same-day appointments are not available at this time.


James Marik, Director/ADA Coordinator

Heather Stephan, Assistant Director

Chris Smead, Office Manager

Adiña Mora, Digital Access Specialist

Amy Yasukawa, Accommodations Coordinator

Cole Habeck, Accommodations Coordinator


CONVERT is a self-service, computer-automated document conversion tool that allows students, faculty, and staff to convert documents into a variety of alternative formats including audiobooks, e-books, and digital Braille. The service can also be used to convert image-only PDF files or scanned images into more accessible formats.

Individuals upload files through a Web interface and select from a variety of output options, notification of a completed conversion is made via e-mail. Currently, the CONVERT platform will only support requests from individuals using a valid Santa Clara University e-mail address. Please note - the CONVERT platform removes processed files after several days.


The quality of the conversion is dependent upon the quality of the original document. Poor quality documents (marked up, very grainy, scanned crooked), will most likely result in poor quality conversions.

Make sure the file you wish to convert is saved on your computer prior to uploading into SensusAccess.

Languages supported by SensusAccess are represented by the country flags included in the document conversion box.

Copyright Notice

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of the copyrighted material. The person using this equipment is liable for any infringement.

CONVERT is hosted by an external vendor, SensusAccess. Any information submitted will be processed by SensusAccess. This service is provided only for personal, non-commercial instructional and educational use and any other use is prohibited. Further distribution of the files received from SensusAccess is prohibited.