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About Notetakers

Faculty should make an announcement during class if you receive an email from OAE notifying you that an OAE student in your course is eligibile for a Notetaker.

Faculty should not disclose the name of the OAE student in need of notes.

Notetakers are hired by OAE and receive a Letter of Commendation for helping a student with disabilities. Students interested in becoming a Notetaker should be directed to our website where they may sign up and register to be a Notetaker.

Notetakers will usually upload their notes to our server. OAE students who are eligible for a Notetaker may download the Notetaker's notes directly. The notes will remain on the server all quarter so if the OAE student is missing notes, the notes may be downloaded again.

Notetakers are hired on a first-come, first-serve basis.

OAE students who wish to record lectures are recommended to meet with each professor during office hours in order to notify the professor. Recording lectures is an excellent way for OAE students to check notes and helps build notetaking skills.