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Attendance and Delayed Assignments

For students with chronic conditions that are episodic in nature, there may be periods of time in which they are too unwell to attend class or to submit an assignment by an established deadline, as their condition may be unpredictable and inevitable despite ongoing health and time management practices. When a student needs flexibility in attendance and/or extension on assignments, faculty should always consider the request on an individual class basis, allowing for diligent and critical analysis of how the request is essential to the class learning objectives and pedagogical components. If you believe additional absences beyond the stated policy would fundamentally alter the nature or essential elements of your class, or assignment extensions are not possible, then instructors should consult with an OAE Adviser to determine reasonability. 

When an OAE student needs an extension on an upcoming assignment, or unable to attend a "live" class meeting(s) the OAE student is responsible for notifying the instructor in a timely manner. ”Timely” is defined as “as soon as possible.”

The instructor must reply to the OAE student’s request for an extension, negotiating if a deadline extension is workable for that assignment. In the event of absences, the instructor should engage in a dialogue with the OAE student and/or with OAE regarding new attendance expectations - delineating the preferred communication process for when the OAE student needs to notify you of a disability-related absence, any critical dates that cannot be missed, and whether there are any alternatives to missed participation points or quizzes on days in which the OAE student is absent.

Instructors are not required to alter or change essential course requirements. It is at each instructor’s discretion as to the number of days late an assignment may be submitted without penalty, or the number of absences without penalty. If a student exceeds the acceptable number of negotiated missed classes or delayed assignment dates, it may be necessary for the OAE student to withdraw from a class. OAE students must adhere to the deadlines for withdrawing from classes.

Please contact OAE (email "" or call 408-554-4109) for assistance.