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Student Employee Week

National Student Employee Appreciation Week

National Student Employee Appreciation Week. April 7th - 13th

We would like to invite you to participate, along with other colleges and universities across the nation, in the National Student Employee Appreciation Week. Though the National Student Employee Appreciation Week was established years ago, this is the second year Santa Clara University will officially participate in the celebration.

This week-long celebration provides you with the opportunity to recognize, praise and thank your student employees in a special way for all of their contributions. We encourage you to partake in this celebration by planning some special recognition activities or events for your student employees.

Listed below are some suggested ideas for “no to low-cost” ways to recognize your student employees.

  1. Decorate your students' office or workspace for the week.  This can include creating a banner that messages,“We appreciate Our Student Employees” or “Our Student Employees Rock!”
  2. Dedicate a portion of a department newsletter, internet site, or staff meeting to recognizing your student employees.
  3. Take pictures of your student employees, post them in your department, and list the wonderful things they do for your department.
  4. Have a potluck, pizza party or sundae bar to celebrate your student employees achievements.
  5. Prepare "care packages" to give to student workers (or to sell to departments to give to their student workers) with popcorn, trail mix, soft drinks, hot chocolate mix, etc.
  6. Present “Good Egg Awards.” Buy plastic eggs, fill with goodies, and give out with “Good Egg Certificates” listing what the student did to deserve the award.
  7. Tons of Puns – Every day, give your student a small “gift” with a fun one-liner, such as a Bag of Lays with a sticker that says “You’re all that and a bag of Chips!” Other ideas: Milky Way bars (“You’re out of this world!”), peanuts (“We’re nuts about you!”), and/or gum (“You always go the EXTRA mile!”)
  8. Have raffles or drawings, get donations from any on-campus department or off-campus employer. Possible items include: food, gift, or grocery certificates, free night in hotel, free game or concert tickets, video coupons, fast food coupons, textbook coupons, free movie tickets, bus or subway passes, even coupons for photo developing are welcomed by students.
  9. Certificate of appreciation.
  10. Send a note or e-card to your students, showing your appreciation. 
  11. Send a note of appreciation to the parent(s) of your student employee. Parent(s) will be thrilled to know their student is doing important work and your student employee will know how much their work is valued. You should consider doing this ONLY if your student employee provided or provides you with his or her home address information. 
Most of all, have fun and take this time to thank your student employees on all their hard work!
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