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Individual Profiles (Staff)

Elliott Becker
Lab Technician

Elliott Becker is an Imaginarium lab technician majoring in Communications (COMM) with an Environmental Sustainability (ENVS) minor. When he enrolled in the first VR Design class, Elliott discovered the limitless possibilities of VR technology and met the Imaginarium. This initial exposure through his class allowed him to delve into 360-degree film experimentation which ignited his passion for utilizing VR for societal betterment, such as becoming curious about the potential of VR for emergency medical training, simulating various crisis scenarios to enhance preparedness and response.

Elliott's favorite aspect of being part of the Imaginarium team is the sense of community and the opportunity to walk in and know he will encounter familiar faces, fostering a welcoming and supportive environment. He appreciates the open-mindedness and growth-oriented mindset prevalent in the Imaginarium, where professors and peers alike eagerly embrace new ideas, people, and possibilities. This flexibility and growth mindset inspire Elliott as he continues his journey within the Imaginarium, using technology to make a positive impact on the world.