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Individual Profiles (Staff)

Lab Technician Darren Inouye
Darren Inouye
Lab Technician

Darren Inouye is an Imaginarium lab technician studying Computer Science & Engineering (COEN). Within the Imaginarium, he co-leads the Greenhouse Gamedev team and was an integral part of creating a functional prototype of their game, Polaris, a 2D platformer addressing ocean pollution and sustainability. Darren also contributes to the Lingua Vitae project in collaboration with the Classics department, crafting immersive VR conversations with Roman characters. 

While Darren was introduced to the Imaginarium by conveniently stumbling upon it in his sophomore year, by his junior year he became fully immersed in the lab’s community when he became a part of GuildGamers as a programmer. Darren's experiences have expanded his knowledge of game development, the Unity Engine, and teamwork, and he eagerly anticipates further growth in these areas. Amidst his memorable experiences, Darren fondly recalls creating a 3D model of fellow lab tech Saunder in Unity, making his model dance, and giving everyone on the team a good laugh.

Beyond his technical pursuits, Darren balances a love for gaming with interests in music, singing, playing the guitar, and bouldering. In fact, one might be warned that he’s even prone to purchasing new games during spells of boredom. Through all his pursuits, Darren remains motivated by a resolute drive for self-sufficiency and an unwavering desire to leave a lasting impression through his work, reflecting a deep commitment to personal growth and community impact.