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Individual Profiles (Staff)

Lab technician Gwendolyn Patwardhan
Gwendolyn Patwardhan
Lab Technician

Gwendolyn Patwardhan is an Imaginarium lab technician majoring in Computer Science & Engineering (COEN). Her role extends to being an integral part of the Greenhouse Gamedev team, where she actively engages in game development on the ocean sustainability game Polaris and helps manage the team into its second year. 

Her journey to the Imaginarium began when she signed up for the AR/VR club's newsletter and attended a meeting in collaboration with the Imaginarium during the spring of 2022. At the time, Gwen initially assumed the lab would be primarily computer science majors, but she was pleasantly surprised to discover a wide range of disciplines, including psychology, music, bio-engineering, and more, contributing to the team's vibrant and interdisciplinary environment. Since then, she has been deeply involved with the game development community in the lab, expanding her knowledge of Unity and the game development process. Gwen eagerly anticipates broadening her expertise into the realms of VR and AR while venturing into research opportunities within the Imaginarium.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Gwen's passions encompass gaming, baking, drawing, and reading. She finds the versatility of her computer science engineering major particularly appealing, as it grants her the flexibility to meaningfully engage with various industries based on her interests. Gwen's journey within the Imaginarium is marked by curiosity, a thirst for knowledge, and a commitment to exploring the innovative potential of technology across diverse fields.