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Individual Profiles (Staff)

Lab Technician John Redinbo
John Redinbo
Lab Technician

John Redinbo is an Imaginarium lab technician double majoring in Public Health Science (PHS) and Music (MUSC) with a minor in Computer Science (CSCI). He does a variety of work within the Imaginarium, including managing the Greenhouse Gamedevs team as they enter their second year and actively participating in various research projects in collaboration with the SCU Media Lab.

John’s introduction to the Imaginarium was during his freshman year when he became part of SCU XR, an organization exploring XR, VR, AR, and MR technologies. An encounter at a Unity Workshop introduced him to the Imaginarium network, leading to the foundation of the GuildGamers, with their debut project, Polaris, educating about ocean sustainability through interactive gameplay. His time with GuildGamers has gifted him with unforgettable experiences like getting to go on post-meeting Taco Bell runs with his team. The experience gained from working on Polaris also ignited his passion for game design, project management, and sound design, shaping his trajectory within the Imaginarium.

John treasures the diverse, passionate community of team members within the Imaginarium, united by their shared commitment to self-motivation and curiosity. The collaborative environment fuels his drive to learn and explore new horizons. He also values the patience and openness of the staff, creating an inclusive and supportive atmosphere. Beyond academics, John finds inspiration in music, film, writing, reading, hiking, and gardening. One of his fatal flaws, as he humorously puts it, is trying to be a "jack of all trades," but finds his intrigue in a variety of topics and skills to be a rewarding trait in Indie game development. His motivation is deeply rooted in a love for collaboration and the enriching friendships he has cultivated during his journey within the Imaginarium.