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Individual Profiles (Staff)

Lab Technician Saunder Salazar
Saunder Salazar
Lab Technician

Saunder Salazar is a lead lab technician majoring in Mechanical Engineering (MECH). He is involved in several teams within the lab, including the Metaverse Team, AI Team, and Body Motion Team, with prior specialization in photogrammetry. Saunder’s journey with the Imaginarium began with his interest in VR and VR gaming in particular, leading him to the Introduction to VR class taught by Dr. David Jeong. During the course, an assignment on photogrammetry sparked his passion for 3D visualization. Since then, Saunder eagerly pursued involvement in the various projects and research teams within the lab, learning from each experience and fueling his ever-growing curiosity and motivation.

Over time, Saunder has spent many days and nights in the Imaginarium, cherishing too many good memories to name just one, even as he remembers the many all-nighters he's willingly undertaken in the lab. Saunder appreciates the opportunities the Imaginarium offers to be immersed in a multidisciplinary environment surrounded by individuals with varying skills and talents. He has gained invaluable insights about how to effectively communicate and work productively while working with diverse teams. Saunder also finds value in the subtle yet impactful way team members continually push each other to excel. As he observes his peers passionately engrossed in their projects, he finds himself naturally motivated to do more as well, representative of the interconnected web of inspiration that thrives within the lab. The Imaginarium has become Saunder's 'special third place', fostering countless memorable experiences.