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Academic Technology

Class Recording Self Service Tool


We are piloting a new self-scheduling Panopto tool which streamlines the recording process.

It's a great resource, and we would liked to invite you to give it a try next quarter.

Rooms outfitted for classroom capture are:

* indicates voice reinforcement is also available.

Alameda Hall 101 102* 103* 104* 105  108       
Alumni Science 120* 220* 301  302           
Benson Center Parlor B Williman Room California Mission Room
Bergin Hall 116* 214              
Casa 3 7 8            
Charney Hall 101 102 103 104 106 201 202 205 206
207 210 316            
Daly Science Hall  206* 207*              
De Saisset main event hall*            
Dowd Art 108* 122 206 208* 210* 302* 304*    
Graham Hall 163* 164              
Guadalupe Hall 130 131 143 144 147  148 149 150* 151* 
152 153 155 201 202 203* 204* 205 260
Heafey 111 112 122* 125* 129 225      
JST (Berekely) 216 217 321            
Kenna Hall 102* 104* 105 107 109 111* 212 214 216
218 304 306 308 310        
Learning Commons 129 (V&P A)* 131 Edit 2 132 Edit 1 133 (V&P B)  
134 (V&P C) 142 203 205 316 St. Clare * 327 
Locatelli Main event hall            
Loyola Hall 136                
Lucas Hall 106* 107* 125 126* 205 206* 207* 208* 209*
210* 306* 307* 308* 309* 310*      
Mayer 231            
MDF Recital Hall 119 124 125        
O'Connor Hall 102* 103 104 105* 106 107  109  110  201
204* 205 206 207 209 210 215    
SCDI 1301* 1302* 1308*  2116 2301*  2302* 2311J 3110 3115*
3116* 3301* 3302* 3311J  4010        
Sobrato Res. Hall 19 Commons B/C            
St. Joseph Executive Conference Room*          
Vari Hall 102 (Wiegand)* 128 129 133 134 135 232  
Varsi Hall 114 231              


  1. Sign in to using your SCU credential

  2. Select the desired term and click the green Record button to see more details

  3. Check to make sure the class date, time, and classroom location are correct.
    (the tool can takes upto 24 hours to receive updates if your class is recently moved to another room.  If the room information is not correct, check the section "I need to move my classroom")

  4. Review through the page and uncheck any dates you don't need recording

  5. Scroll back to the top of the page, and select Schedule Recording, then click Go

  6. A pop-up window will show up.  Please leave the window open until everything is complete before clicking OK

  7. You are all set!

If you run into issues using this tool, please do not hesitate to contact Media Services.

By default all recordings goes to the course's destinated recording folder following each Camino course site.

This instruction walks through how to re-schedule recordings if you combined your courses but want recordings from multiple sections to show up in the same recrording folder.

  1. If you don't already know the master course's 5 digit course ID, sign in to your Camino course site, and click Settings > scroll down to locate the SIS ID

  2. Sign in to and select the course you want to schedule recordings for.

  3. Click (Combined courses in Camino? Change Folder)

  4. Type in the 5 digit course number you got from the Camino course site, and click Search
    Double check to make sure the course name matches your master class, then click Select

  5. You can now continue with scheduel recordings knowing that the recordings of this class will show up in the master folder.

Please note that this action will not impact existing recordings.  Only new recordings schedule from now will appear in the new destination.
If you run into issues using this tool, please do not hesitate to contact Media Services.


Please note that the self service tool may take upto 24 hours to update class information, including date, times, and location.
There may be times you need to manally tell the system you need to change recording to another location.

This instruction will walk you through how to schedule reccording in a different room.


  1. Sign in to  and select the course you want to schedule recordings for.

  2. select the dates you want to change the recording location, then scroll to the top page and select Change Location and Record > GO

  3. Type in the new classroom information and click Update Location and Record...

  4. System will begin rescheduling the recording.  Once complete you will see the recording for the selected date(s) changed to the new room.

Please note that the system will not be able to double check if you scheduled in the correct room.  There may also be chance that there's another session already schedule in the room.  If you run into issues using this tool, please do not hesitate to contact Media Services.

You can add addtional recording dates such as make up sessions or final exams yourself.


  1. Sign in to  and select the course you want to schedule recordings for.

  2. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click Add additional dates...

  3. Fill in your class information, including date, start time, end time, and recording location
    (please make sure the recording location has a built-in recorder.  you will not find the room information if the room does not have a built-in recroder)
    Click Record to start the process

  4. You will see confirmation when the scheduling is complete
    Depenending on the date and time you may run into scheduling conflict.  Check with Media Services to resolve any scheduling issues.

  5. After the page refreshes, you will now see added date at the bottom of the page.

If you run into issues using this tool or getting scheduling errors, please do not hesitate to contact Media Services.


Within the self service tool you have the ability to schedule Livestream event instead of regular recording.

The difference between the two recording is as follows:

Regular RecordingLivestream
Scheduled recording entry is not visible to the viewers Scheduled recording is visible to the viewers.  people with access to this page can share with other peopel ahead of time
Recording is not available until the event is complete the recorded footage is processed.  Recording is live-brocasted as it is happening, with about 15 - 30 sec delay
Recording is available to viewers on demand. Recording is available to viewers on demand (same URL as the livestream URL)

To schedule recording as Livestream:

  1. Sign in to and select the course you want to schedule recordings for.

  2. Click Advanced Options: Livestream to reveal the options.

  3. Check the Recording box as well as the Livestream box on the desired date(s)
    Scroll back up to the top of the page and click Schedule

  4. You will see confirmation of the date(s) shown as Scheduled* (with astrik)
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