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How to enable automatic caption (ASR) to a folder

Changes to the folder will only affect newly uploaded videos

Please note that turning on Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) captioning at the folder level will only affect future uploaded videos.  It will not affect existing videos, event moved from another folder into the ASR enabled folder.

To turn on ASR captioning for existing videos within Panopto, please follow How to Add ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) Captions into a Video

  1. sign in to SCU Portal, then click the Panopto tile.

  2. Click My Folder or Browse to navigate to your desired folder.
    panopto ASR select folder

  3. Click the gear icon on the top right corner to get to the folder settings.
    panopto ASR select settings

  4. Navigate to Settings tab, then scroll down to Captions.
    panopto ASR select caption

  5. Open the drop down menu and select Automatic Machine Captions
    panopto ASR select ASR
  6. Close the pop up window to commit to the change.


For training on advanced features and troubleshooting, please contact Media Services

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