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Yu Yang Chee '22 at the 2019 IEEE HAVE conference in Kuala Lumpur

Yu Yang Chee '22 at the 2019 IEEE HAVE conference in Kuala Lumpur

Student presents dance app at Malaysian conference

Yu Yang Chee '22 is a Computer Science major at Santa Clara University. Over the summer of 2019, through the REAL (Real Experience. Actual Learning) Program, he joined Professor Navid Shaghaghi's EPIC (The Ethical, Pragmatic, and Intelligent Computing) lab to work on SwingBeats, an application that identifies the beats of music and translates them into haptic feedback onto phones and smart watches.

His summer research cumulated into a research paper, “Requirements Analysis and Preliminary Development of SwingBeats: A Real-Time Haptic Beat Tracking System for Dance Education”, which he presented at the 9th annual IEEE International Symposium on Haptic Audio-Visual Environments & Games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (IEEE HAVE). 

“It was an amazing experience learning about new discoveries and interesting uses of haptics. Attending the conference helped me develop my passion for HCI and more specifically the field of haptics”, says Yu. Yu is interested in working in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) after graduating from SCU. He enjoys cooking and art.


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