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Looking over Beijing at dusk.

Looking over Beijing at dusk.

The Chinese Studies Program

Our commitment to language instruction, cultural exploration and analysis provides students with solid and rigorous language training as well as a deep understanding of Chinese culture, history, politics, economic transformation, society, and lifestyle. The program offers various courses, from elementary to advanced, in Mandarin Chinese. Through analyzing a variety of cultural products, practices, and perspectives, students develop their critical thinking skills, open-mindedness, and cultivate cultural awareness that prepares them to approach other cultures and communicate in the real-world, as global citizens.

Why Study Chinese?

  • Mandarin Chinese is the official language for China, Taiwan, and Hong kong. And is prevalent in many overseas Chinese communities in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, US, Brunei, Philippines, and Mongolia.
  • China is the second-largest economy in the world.
  • Its population accounts for 18.4% of the world’s total population as of 2019.
  • Mandarin Chinese is spoken by one out of every 6 people in the world!
  • Mandarin Chinese is ranked as the second most important business language in the global market.
  • The growing opportunities in China’s job market have attracted people from all over the world.
  • The Chinese civilization is one of the oldest in the world whose culture and philosophy have heavily influenced other East and Southeast Asian countries.

How Can I Benefit from Learning Chinese at SCU?

Learning Mandarin Chinese is an extremely satisfying and rewarding experience. By taking Mandarin Chinese classes in language and culture, students may fulfill their requirements towards a Minor in Asian Studies or International Business at SCU. Learning Mandarin Chinese language and culture gives students a deeper understanding in broader subjects such as Chinese philosophy, religion and history. Students will be better equipped to enter the global job market and join international organizations that operate in the Chinese-speaking world through the study of the language.  

What Chinese classes can I take at SCU?

Elementary Chinese 1, 2, 3

Intermediate Chinese 21, 22, 23

Advanced Chinese 100, 101

CHIN 24 Chinese Culture and Tradition

CHIN 127 Chinese History and Culture

Where Can I Study Abroad?

Studying abroad is a great opportunity for students to engage with a community abroad and advance their academic, professional, and personal goals. Students can choose programs based in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, and Yunnan. Some program also offers internship opportunities for course credit.


No major or minor is offered in Chinese.

Students may apply Chinese courses to the Interdisciplinary Minor:
Asian Studies