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Department ofModern Languages and Literatures


No major or minor is offered in Chinese.

Students may apply Chinese courses to the Interdisciplinary Minor:
Asian Studies



CHIN 1, 2, 3

Elementary Chinese

A series of three courses. CHIN 1 is intended for students who have had no prior experience with Chinese. Basic training in skills of reading and writing and in speaking Mandarin Chinese. Development of cultural understanding. CHIN 2 and 3 continue training in the skills of reading and writing Chinese and in speaking Mandarin Chinese. Further development of cultural understanding. (Each course is 4 units)

CHIN 21, 22, 23

Intermediate Chinese

A series of three courses. Through a review of the fundamentals of spoken and written Chinese, students will develop further skills of Chinese: listening, speaking, reading and writing. New grammatical structures and Chinese written characters continue to be introduced. Special attention will be given to developing an appreciation of Chinese history and culture. (Each course is 4 units)

CHIN 100, 101, 102

Advanced Chinese

Bring students' Chinese to a new level, with focus on READING, WRITING, SPEAKING and LISTENING. READING Materials picked from Chinese newspapers, magazines, web-sites and literary works. WRITING Expanding students' proficiency for practical writing. SPEAKING From daily conversations to presentations on specific China-related topics. LISTENING Materials selected from Chinese TV news, TV programs, Chinese films and TV series. (Each course is 5 units)

CHIN 137

Modern Chinese Culture

This course introduces students to the culture in modern China through literature (fiction and other reading matter), popular music, and film. This course will also give attention to business etiquette and culture in China. All readings are in English. No Chinese language required, though students with Chinese language background are encouraged to work with Chinese sources if they wish. Note: This course does NOT fulfill the University Core foreign language requirement. (5 units)