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Department ofModern Languages and Literatures



Spanish Studies majors in the College of Arts and Sciences at Santa Clara University enjoy many advantages. They are not under a great deal of pressure to make early decisions on their careers. Their programs are highly flexible. They are encouraged to include at least one free elective in their programs every quarter that they are in the university. They can enroll in their major field immediately upon entrance, and remain enrolled in it every quarter of their undergraduate careers, if they so desire. They have a great deal of time during which they can explore other areas of learning. They can develop a minor field, or even a second major to go along with specialization in Spanish. Many Spanish Studies majors simultaneously prepare for programs in international business, international studies, pre‑law, pre‑medicine, psychology, economics, sociology, English, liberal studies and many other fields. Spanish in combination with almost any other specialized training is something that makes a great deal of sense in today's world and the world of tomorrow.

Spanish Studies majors are encouraged to include study abroad in their programs whenever possible. The junior year can be spent in Spain or in Central or South America. Summer programs are also available. In the Santa Clara area, local programs of community involvement provide additional opportunities for both service and learning in a practical, human setting.