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Immersion Locations


Summer Break 2024 Immersions
Montgomery, Alabama - LEAD scholar Immersions
Navigate here to Civil Rights Legacy Today

Montgomery, Alabama - LEAD Scholars

Explore the living legacy of the civil rights movement and learn about the rich heritage of liberation and human rights in the African American and Southern Communities.


Chiapas Mexico Immersion
Navigate here to Indigenous Sovereignty & Global Solidarity

Chiapas Mexico

Engage with indigenous communities to gain a deeper understanding of indigenous activism for social and economic justice and the defense of human rights and sovereignty.


Lima, Peru  Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya (UARM) Mural
Navigate here to Public Health & Environmental Justice

Lima, Peru

Engage with Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya students and faculty for an in-depth exploration of the persistent inequities in basic health care due to a history of internal migration caused by violence and environmental crises.

Class of 2026 First Year Immersion Bay Area - San Jose mural under overpass
Navigate here to Class of 2028 Immersion

Bay Area First Year Immersion

Learn about Bay Area social justice issues, meet with community leaders and organizations, meet new classmates, deepen your understanding of SCU’s Jesuit tradition of holistic community-engaged education, and move in early!

(Applications open July 1- July 14)


Spring Break 2024 Immersions
Navigate here to Labor & Environmental Justice

Participants will engage with individuals and communities in the Appalachian region and their fight for social and ecological justice amidst a complex cultural history.

SF Tenderloin Cropped
Navigate here to Encountering Our Common Humanity

Tenderloin, San Francisco
Participants will connect with people whose wellbeing is often disregarded and will experience what it is to grow relationships through daily engagement, discussion of current issues, and reflection.

Winter Break 2023 Immersions
Navigate here to Accompaniment and Intentional Communities

Experience living in an intentional intercultural community that supports each other’s spiritual and personal growth with love, acceptance, and understanding. The focus is primarily about education and healthcare needs in the community with the aim of prioritizing authentic relationships and acting to end injustice.

Homeboy wall art
Navigate here to Transformative Justice, Healing and Hope

Los Angeles
Stand with the demonized so the demonizing will stop. Challenge your prejudice and open your heart and mind to healing and hope. Participants will bear witness of the possibility of creating a positive ripple effect not only around the city of Los Angeles, but in communities around the world.

US-Mexico Border - SCU Students on desert walk
Navigate here to Realities at the US-Mexico Border

US-Mexico Border, Nogales
Engage and learn to make humane, just, workable migration between the U.S. and Mexico a reality. Participants will experience first hand a community that works to affirm the dignity of the human person and a spirit of bi-national solidarity.