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Spring Break Immersions

Due to COVID-19, we will not be hosting any in-person programs this spring but we will be offering virtual alternatives! 

Arizona Border
Delve into the complex issue of immigration.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Meet with educators, activists, and musicians to learn about the legacies of racism.

Fall Programs & Winter Break Virtual Immersions

Due to COVID-19, we will not be hosting any in-person programs this fall but we will be offering virtual alternatives! 

Ignatian Family Teach-In For Justice
The Ignatian Center will be sponsoring a group to attend virtually.

Winter Break Virtual Immersions
Strive for solidarity with our US/Mexico Border & Central America programs.

Ignatian Fellowship
Receive a stipend to work with a non-profit of your choosing.

Class of 2024 - San Jose, California
Learn about homelessness in SCU's backyard and the work of local agencies to combat poverty.

Immersion Cost and Fundraising

The student cost indicated for each immersion, joint with Ignatian Center funds, will cover food, lodging, and transportation (including airfare) associated with the trip. Please note that the additional costs of supplies, checked baggage, airport food, vaccines, visa, passports is not covered by the Ignatian Center and will need to be paid by the student participant in addition to the program fee.
Financial Aid 
Included in the online application is the opportunity to request financial aid for those students with demonstrated financial need. Financial aid requests are coordinated with the support of the Financial Aid office and the Ignatian Center staff is then able to follow up with individual requests from students. We do not want monetary limitations to prevent any student from participating on an immersion trip. Please contact us if you feel you have financial difficulties that might hinder your participation.
Letter-Writing Campaign
All immersion participants will be asked to participate in a group letter-writing campaign to raise funds. We will facilitate the sending of letters to extended family and friends requesting program support. This is both a way to make the program more sustainable and accessible to more students and to engage your community, sharing the significance of the trip and partnering with them in this endeavor. Direction and support will be given in pre-trip meetings.