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Register with OAE

Students may register for academic accommodations with OAE anytime. However, please keep in mind in the absence of an unanticipated disability-related medical crisis, application materials submitted during the last week of class and Finals Week will be processed and implemented for the following term.

To register with OAE, please complete the steps below. If you have questions or need assistance throughout the registration process, please contact OAE by phone (408-554-4109) or email (

1. Complete the online application

The application will require students to upload a digital copy (PDF or Word) of appropriate documentation of the disability from a qualified professional.

All submitted application materials including documentation will be reviewed within 7-14 business days from submission date.

2. Check email regarding next steps 

Once the student has submitted the application and documentation, OAE will email the student regarding the next steps. Please note, if the student has been issued an SCU email address, OAE will email the student at that address. However, if the student has not yet been issued an SCU email address, OAE will email the student at the email address submitted on the application.  

3. Meet with an OAE adviser

If the student provided all the necessary application materials, OAE will email the student welcoming them to OAE and instructing them to schedule an “Intake/Interactive Meeting Appointment.” This Appointment will take approximately 45 minutes and will include a review of submitted application materials and a discussion regarding accommodations requested. OAE cannot guarantee accommodations services will be provided during this meeting as more information (student report, clinical documentation, etc.) may be needed prior to OAE prescribing reasonable accommodations at SCU. During this meeting, an OAE adviser will let you know if additional documentation is necessary and discuss the need for any follow-up meetings.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: The interactive meeting(s) appointment is for students only. Parents/Guardians, if you have any questions regarding the interactive meeting, please follow up with your student.