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Do you have interest in becoming an volunteer?

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute is a volunteer driven program, and in order for it to be functioning and successful we need people to step up and volunteer.

An appeal for classroom Hosts:

One area that we really need more interest in is the classroom host volunteer opportunity. The OLLI office can only do so much to support the fluidity of our classes and assisting the instructors. If you have not volunteered before, I strongly encourage you to consider reaching out to Bev Seligman at and sign up to host a class this FALL quarter.

An appeal for Curriculum Committee:

No pay but great benefits.

You’ve just read a perfect description of volunteering for OLLI@SCU. The Osher Lifelong Learning Program depends upon volunteers to make the program possible. Nowhere are volunteers more critical than the Curriculum Committee, which develops the exciting courses offered to our members each quarter.

In survey after survey, members continue to tell us how highly they value our classes—they are the heart of the Osher program. The Curriculum Committee is proud of the courses we develop, and gratified that they are so well received by our members. But as the Osher program has grown, so has the need for more course offerings.

That’s where we could use your help. The Curriculum Committee has vacancies we’d like to fill, so we’re asking you to consider joining us in the work we do, as we continue to deliver outstanding offerings – classes, speakers, destination learning trips – to our membership.

You may be saying to yourself, “Well, I’ve never developed a course or created a curriculum.  “Don’t worry: most of us hadn’t either. And while we come from all different backgrounds and careers, these are the traits we have in common: we have lived a full and interesting life thus far, we have developed interests and passions, we have a curiosity that has only grown with the years, we love learning, and we’re willing to work hard to offer excellent classes. (If this sounds familiar, you could be a good fit.)

A further word about those “great benefits.” You’ll be a member of a collegial and industrious committee that meets monthly. Your input and ideas will be valued. You’ll be teamed with another member who’ll help you learn the ropes. You’ll get to know – up close and personal – some fascinating and passionate instructors as you work with them to develop courses. You’ll feel the time you spend is worth it. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that the courses offered are enriching and informing the lives of those who attend. In short, you’ll be making a difference in your world.

Please consider this opportunity. If you are interested, contact either Ken Wadors (Curriculum Committee Chair: or Andrea Saade (Osher Program Director; We look forward to hearing from you.

Your fellow OLLI/SCU members on the Curriculum Committee 

Open Opportunities for engagement in the Program:

  • Classroom Host
  • Curriculum Committee Member