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Applying for the Curriculum Committee


Thank you for your interest in the Curriculum Committee at Santa Clara University - Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI@SCU)

If you have come to this page, we hope you have first followed the links What does the Curriculum Committee Do?,  which describes how and when we work, and Volunteer Position Description, which describes the position of committee members. These pages will explain what we do in more detail and is the first step to applying to join the committee. 

  • If you haven’t done this part yet, please stop and do that now. 
  • Then continue on to the rest of the process.

First, I would like to share with you the process going forward. You will be asked to complete a standard resume form and answer our internal questionnaire. These will be forwarded to our search team, which consists of the Chair, the previous Chair, and a member at large.  In order to represent the broadest spectrum of our membership, participation on the Curriculum Committee is limited to one member of a family. Regretfully, we cannot accept new applicants who are in such a relationship with a current member until such time as that member has notified us of their intent to resign at the end of their term or resigns at any other time during their tenure. 

We will each review your submissions and then we will discuss them together. One of us will call you to answer any questions you may have and to make sure you understand the job requirements, the time commitment and the process. If you are still interested, an interview with a team member will be scheduled for a mutually convenient time. These are in-depth interviews that can take around 1- 2 hours.  

After all the interviews are completed, the team will meet to select the best candidate(s) to fit the program requirements at the time. We try to keep a balance of backgrounds and experience so the best fit today might be different in the future. We generally hope to have three candidates who we believe will be successful on the committee.  These finalists are then interviewed by the full committee and the Program Director. The number chosen will depend on the number of positions coming open. All candidates who appear before the full committee who are not chosen are kept under consideration for a future opening.  

Your first step is to complete and submit these two forms.  Use as much space as you like - the more we know about you, the better your chances are for moving forward in the process.

Curriculum Committee Application

Curriculum Committee Resume