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Volunteer Position Description


Curriculum Committee Member:  
The purpose of the Curriculum Committee will be to assist the OLLI office in developing a well- balanced array of lifelong learning experiences and events for the members of the OLLI program.  The committee will be composed of a Chair and Committee Members, with the Director, Program Coordinator and staff serving as ex officio members.  All members must be active participants and members of the OLLI@SCU Institute.

Position Overview: 
Collaborate with the Director and Committee Chair to define the short and long-term curriculum needs and goals.

Title: Curriculum Committee Member

Purpose of the Position and how it helps the organization: To contribute to and review the committee goals to ensure progress.

Duties and Responsibilities: 
*Attend monthly meetings and play an active role for a 2-year term.
*Demonstrate good interpersonal skills during meetings and respect other members' ideas.
*Work with the Committee and staff to develop and implement goals.
*Identify and recruit instructors whose academic background and/or professional experiences reflect knowledge and expertise in desired curriculum.
*Interact with instructors as needed to ensure the course is relevant and of interest.
*Collect all course materials from the instructor needed to propose a course to the committee and once approved, to submit to the Chair in a timely manner per schedule provided.
*Complete any delegated task on time and in coordination with the Chair and staff.
*Assist Chair as requested. 

Training Requirements: Attend in-person orientation and training sessions; review written materials provided; work with Chair and assigned mentor. 

Skills and Qualifications: Evidence of intellectual curiosity; (preferred academic background) or expert in your field, or interest in a subject area in the curriculum; expected to make cold calls or send emails to potential instructors; good communication skills; willingness to collaborate and put aside personal preferences; participation in Osher classes and activities; volunteer experience.  

Time Commitment:  On average it can be somewhere around 10- 18 hours per month including meetings and computer work; varies month to month for a 2-year term.  

Location of the Position: Off campus and on campus 

Benefits to the Volunteer: Giving back to a program that you are passionate about, and enjoy meeting and interacting with many interesting people. Helping OLLI sustain quality programming by obtaining excellent instructors offering classes that will appeal to the membership.

Expectations of the Volunteer: That people on the committee will listen to each other, be courteous and patient with other volunteers and show a sense of humor; You will receive support from Chair and staff.

What Volunteers can expect from OLLI ?: Appreciation and a learning experience

Possible duties that may be delegated at the discretion of Chair with consent of the Volunteer: 
*Taking minutes from meetings
*Coordinating with Volunteer Coordinator on need for volunteers
*Creating marketing boosters
*Assisting with Summer Destination Learning Program
*Distinguished Speaker program
*Recruiting Distinguished Speakers for series
*Attending annual luncheon
*Notifying  and confirming from instructors the date and time of course
*Mentoring new committee members
*Other functions as deemed appropriate for committee members