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Special Interest Group (SIGs)

SIGs are another way for OLLI@SCU members to continue lifelong learning beyond the classroom. Meeting regularly, SIGS not only provide new and enriching opportunities to form friendships with other members, they also provide continuity with the OLLI@SCU program over the summer break in the class schedule. A SIG is formed by a nucleus of people with a special interest in the same subject, and who are willing to participate as active, rather than as passive, learners. Special Interest Groups are independent and self-directed, with members deciding where and when they will meet and how the group will function.

1. SIGs are one of the benefits of your OLLI@SCU membership. Make sure your membership is up to date.
2. Go to the individual SIG home page to find the contact information for the group's facilitator and ask to be put on the email distribution. It's that simple.


Download and fill out the SIG Proposal Form, and send it to Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, Santa Clara University, 455 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA, 95053. If you propose a SIG you are not committed to being the facilitator, but you must be willing to organize and preside over the organizational meeting. We will post the proposed SIG on the OLLI@SCU home page and in the monthly e-bulletin. When 6 or more people have expressed an interest in the proposed topic, the OLLI office will put you in touch with one another. Once a SIG has formed we will post an announcement on the program's Home Page with the name and contact information of the Group's facilitator.

  • Breakfast Chat SIG

    The Breakfast Chat SIG meets on the first Wednesday of the month  from 9AM - 10AM at Bill of Fare in San Jose.  Read more.

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    The Contemporary Issues Discussion SIG meets approximately once a month for a stimulating two hour discussion on a timely topic of interest to all group members. Read more.

  • Conversational Spanish SIG

    The Conversational Spanish SIG will meet on the 1st Monday of every month at 3pm starting February 5, 2024.  Read More


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    The Osher Genealogy SIG provides a supportive atmosphere to those wishing to search for family roots and relationships. Our members have all levels of genealogical participation, from those just getting started to seasoned veterans who want to share their knowledge and experience. Read more.

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    The Bridge SIG meets on the third Tuesday of each month on the Santa Clara University campus.  Read more.  

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    The Mystery Book Club meets once a month, except December to discuss mystery books or crime fiction, a genre that fictionalizes crimes, detection and their motives. Read more.

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    The OLLIwood SIG is now meeting the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Read More

  • Photo SIG Group

    The Photography SIG goes on an expedition once a month, and then meets later in the month to review pictures and talk about various techniques and tools for digital cameras. Read more.

  • OLLI Reads

    OLLI Reads is a book group that meets ten times per year -- monthly January through June and September and October, with combined meetings for July/August and November/December. Read more.

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    Time of Our Lives SIG (Memoir Writing Group) Our group is growing and having fun expanding as writers.  We have discovered that focusing on a simple moment whether long-treasured or just an everyday occurrence, leads to many personal discoveries and enjoyment. Read more.