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Photography SIG

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The Photography SIG goes on an expedition once a month, and then has a Zoom meeting on the 4th Monday of the month to look at everyone's pictures, and determine where and when our next expedition will be.  Some of us still use a Shutterfly site to save pictures.  Many of us also use the Macintosh 'Photo' application to save pictures.  We have visited a huge number of interesting places, and it is definitely fun to explore in the Bay Area. 

Lately, we have been visiting many state and county parks, such as Calero park and Canada del Oro park, in south San Jose, which are always quite interesting.  We've also gone to places like the Stanford Shopping Center, just to avoid the cold weather and rain. :-) 

If you have a Shutterfly login, look at

Please contact facilitator Tom McNeal with any questions.