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Photography SIG

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Now that we have to be separate, the Photography SIG has a Zoom meeting on the 4th Monday of every month, at 2PM.  We show pictures to everyone on a specific subject that was determined in the previous meeting.  Once things get better, which might be in the Fall, we will revert back to our normal practice, which is given in the next paragraph.    

The Photography SIG goes on an expedition once a month, and then meets later in the month to review pictures and talk about various techniques and tools for digital cameras. The schedule is flexible, so we determine at each review meeting about the time and date of the most interesting expedition. The review meetings generally take place at the Santa Clara Park Library, on Homestead Road. The last few places we have visited are Vasona Park and the Triton Museum, in Santa Clara, Shoreline Park in Mountain View, Levi's Stadium, and Ardenwood Farm, in Fremont. We have a Shutterfly site, so that all members can log in and look at the pictures that other members have posted.

If you have a Shutterfly login, look at

Please contact facilitator Tom McNeal with any questions.