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Mathematics and Computer Science

Mission Statement

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science promotes the methods and benefits of rigourous, objective mathematical thought, theoretical computer science and algorithmic and logical understanding, both for their intrinsic beauty and for their applications to other disciplines. These principles are incorporated into the larger University program of educating the whole person in the Jesuit tradition. Our aims are focused not only on our students, but also on our professional communities and the community at large.

General Departmental Goals and Objectives of Courses

Goal 1: Connect the study of mathematics and computer science to other disciplines. 


a) Students will obtain skills and logical perspectives in our introductory (core) courses that prepare them for subsequent courses inside and outside our department. Specifically, students will develop proficiency with the techniques of mathematics and/or computer science, the ability to evaluate logical arguments, and the ability to apply mathematical methodologies to solving real world problems.

Goal 2: For students who choose to pursue a degree in Mathematics: Appreciate and develop facility with mathematical structures. 

a) Students must be able to understand and write rigorous arguments (i.e., proofs) for theorems.

b) Students must show mastery in the three basic areas of mathematics: analysis, algebra, and topology /geometry on a basic level in lower division courses and at an advanced level in upper division courses.

Goal 3: For students who choose to pursue a degree in Computer Science: Understand the foundations of Computer Science and appreciate some of its theoretical and applied uses. 

a) Students will develop a strong foundation in programming, software development and data manipulation and become familiar with theoretical aspects of computer science.

b) Students will acquire a strong facility for developing, analyzing, and applying algorithms.