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Women's and Gender Studies

Goals & Objectives for Student Learning

Goal #1: Students will  understand gender as an element of social, political, economic and legal structures as well as individual identities, critically interrogating understandings of gender divisions as natural or socially constructed.


  1. Students can describe the social construction of gender, sex, sexuality, and disability.
  2. Students can identify gender, privilege, and oppression as differently constructed through intersecting identities of race, ethnicity, class, religion, sexual orientation, age, nationality/citizenship, ability, and other critical variables.

Goal #2: Students will gain facility with disciplinary and interdisciplinary women’s and gender studies approaches and methods. 


  1. Students can critique the politics of traditional approaches to knowledge production.
  2. Students can apply feminist theory to analysis of diverse topics.
  3. Students can articulate principles and practices of feminist methodologies. 
  4. Students are able to identify central debates within feminist theorizing across disciplines.

Goal #3: Students will understand both leadership and participation in gender and related social justice advocacy in local communities and a globalizing world.


  1. Students can explain the role of activism in the service of gender justice and related issues.
  2. Students can identify important events, legislation, or court rulings which had a major impact on the status, treatment, and experiences of diverse groups.
  3. Students can analyze the ways in which legacies of colonialism and contemporary manifestations of globalization impact gender and social (in)justice within and across cultures.