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Technology at SCU


What is Jamf Pro?

Jamf Pro (or simply, Jamf) is a Mobile Device Management (MDM) service Santa Clara University has implemented for Apple macOS computers. Jamf allows the SCU Technology Support Services staff to better manage the lifecycle of Apple computers including first-time setup, deploying new software, updating and patching software.

What is Jamf Connect?

Jamf Connect is an app that allows administrators to manage authentication by connecting a user's local macOS account to their organization's cloud identity (in our case, your SCU Username).  You will need to login through Jamf Connect for the first time on a WIRED network when on campus.

Where and when will Jamf be installed?

Jamf will come installed on all newly purchased university owned Apple computers beginning fall of 2021. All existing university owned and supported Apple computers will be enrolled separately at a later date.

Does Jamf backup my computer?

Jamf provides no automated backups.

What is the SCU Self Service app?

Jamf provides customers with a self-service portal, similar to the Apple App Store, for SCU approved and supported software, applications and tools. This portal is present on your dock, Launchpad or Applications folder as the SCU Self-Service app. You can launch this application and can install any software that is listed in the application. This also includes printer access and links to support pages

This is the icon that you will see on your Mac’s Dock or Launchpad homescreen:

One of the official logos of Santa Clara University (Mission Church with Santa Clara University written below it)

Can I opt-out or unenroll?

No, enrollment is mandatory in order to address proper device security. All new Apple devices will be automatically enrolled while current devices will be enrolled later 2022.