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Department ofTheatre and Dance

Core Courses

Theatre Arts and the Core!

Did you know…

Theatre and Dance courses fulfill a wide variety of Core Curriculum requirements, lending itself particularly well to becoming a major, second major, or minor.


1 course in Critical Thinking and Writing 1 & 2

4 Courses in Cultures and Ideas 1 & 2



1 Course in Ethics

2 Courses in Civic Engagement

6 Courses in Diversity: U.S. Perspectives

  • African American Dance History (DANC 62/162)
  • Women in Dance History (DANC 66/166)
  • Drama of Diversity (THTR 65)
  • Fashion, Politics, & Issues of Gender (THTR 151)
  • Theatre of Dissent: Social Movement, Migration & Revolution in the Americas (THTR 163)
  • Feminism Remixed: Gender, Performance, and Popular Culture (THTR 167)

35 Courses in Arts

1 Course in Natural Science

1 Course in Religion Theology, and Culture 2

1 Course in Cultures and Ideas 3



4 Courses in Advanced Writing

3 Courses in Experiential Learning for Social Justice

7 Pathways which include Theatre and Dance classes: