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Core Curriculum

Cinema Studies

Cinema Studies 

Facilitators: Ron Hansen, English, and Michael Whalen, Communication

Courses in this Pathway will help students engage in the critical study of film and television history, theory, aesthetics, and production. Students will engage in the interdisciplinary study of national cinemas, international film movements, major and minor filmmakers in various traditions, film and media theory, the economic, legal, and political forces governing the film and television industries, and the relationship between film, television, the arts and culture. Students in this pathway may be asked to analyze and reflect on films or television shows already created or create new films or videos as part of this inquiry. Students may also be asked to compare film and television to other art forms such as novels or plays.
A main goal of the Cinema Studies Pathway is to deepen the knowledge and understanding of how cinema shapes, and is shaped, by the culture it exists in and emerge not only knowledgeable about cinema and television, but also enriched by contact with history, literature, foreign cultures, philosophy, and theology.

Associated Courses
ENGL        2A         Analyzing Crime Rhetoric (effective 1/1/19)
ENGL        2A         Imagining History (effective 9/1/09)

ANTH        6           Screen Time: Culture, Film & Media in the 21st Century (effective 03/25/18) 

CLAS        75        Classics in Cinema (effective 9/1/09)

COMM       30        Introduction to Digital Filmmaking (effective 9/1/09)
COMM       31        Introduction to Digital Film Making (effective 9/1/09)
*COMM     121A     Diversity and the Media (cross-listed with COMM 121D and ETHN 162; effective 9/1/09)
*COMM     121D     Diversity and Media (cross-listed with COMM 121A and ETHN 162; effective 9/1/20)
*COMM     130B     Global Screenwriting (effective 9/1/09)
*COMM     131B     Short Fiction Production (effective 9/1/09)
*COMM     132B     Short Documentary Production (effective 9/1/09)
*COMM     133B     Expanded Cinema Production (effective 9/1/09)
*COMM     134B     Master Shot/Studio Production (effective 9/1/09)
*COMM     135B     Editing and Cinematography (Topics Vary; effective 9/1/09)
*COMM     136A     Genre,Auteur & Narrative Strategies (effective 9/1/09)
*COMM     137A     American Film/ TV History (effective 9/1/09)
*COMM     138A     Television History/Theory (Topics Vary; effective 9/1/09)
*COMM     139A     Global Documentary (effective 9/1/09)
COMM       171A     The Business of Media (effective 9/1/09)
*COMM     187A     Cinema in the Age of Globalization (effective 1/1/16)
*COMM     188A     The Fantastic in Film and Literature (effective 3/25/16)

ENGL        45         Reading Film (effective 9/1/09)
ENGL        55         Shakespeare and Film
ENGL        107       Life Stories and Film (effective 9/1/09)
ENGL        120       Studies in Comparative Cinema (effective 9/1/09)
ENGL        121       Studies in American Film (effective 9/1/09)
ENGL        122       Film, Gender and Sexuality (cross-listed with WGST 134; effective 9/1/09)
ENGL        122AW  Film, Gender and Sexuality (cross-listed with WGST 134AW; effective 9/1/09)
ENGL        128       Studies in the Literature of the Middle Eastern and Islamic World (effective 9/1/09)
ENGL        151C     Studies in Shakespeare (Formerly ENGL 118; also listed as THTR 118; effective 9/1/2019
ENGL        153A     LGBTQ Studies: Global Perspectives
*ENGL      173       Screenwriting (cross-listed with THTR 173; effective 9/1/09)
*ENGL      197       Contacts & Clashes: Latin American Cinema (cross-listed with SPAN 149; effective 9/1/09)

Ethnic Studies
ETHN        95          African American Independent Filmmakers (effective 9/1/09)
ETHN        96          Race, Class, and Culture Through Film (effective 9/1/09)
ETHN        135        African Americans in Postwar Film (cross-listed with HIST 185; effective 9/1/09)
ETHN        160        Documentary Making for Social Justice (effective 9/1/09)
*ETHN      162        Diversity and the Media (cross-listed with COMM 121A and COMM 121D; effective 9/1/09)

HIST        140S      Biography and Autobiography in the African Experience: Exploring African Lives and Writing (effective 3/25/16)
HIST        185        African Americans in Postwar Film (cross-listed with ETHN 135; effective 9/1/09)

Modern Languages and Literatures
*FREN      173        Immigration, Race, & Identity in Contemporary France (effective 9/1/09)
FREN        174        French & Francophone Novels and Films: Culture, Gender, and Social Classes (effective 9/1/09)
ITAL         187        Destination Italy: Immigration in Film & Literature (effective 3/25/18)
ITAL         187I       Destination Italy: Immigration in Film & Literature (effective 3/25/19)
*SPAN      146        Latin American Documentary (effective 1/1/20)
*SPAN      147        Cinema, Politics and Society of Latin America (effective 3/25/19)
SPAN        149        Contacts and Clashes: Latin American Cinema (cross-listed with ENGL 197; effective 9/1/09)

MUSC        119        Music, Technology & Society (effective 9/1/09)

PHIL          24          Ethics and Gender in Film (effective 1/1/17; formerly PHIL 4B)
PHIL          183        Philosophy and Film (effective 9/1/09; formerly PHIL 151)

Religious Studies
*RSOC       67         Film & Judaism (effective 9/1/09)
*RSOC       87         Buddhism in Film (9/1/09)
*RSOC       110       Film and Religion (effective 2/3/2016)
*RSOC       121       Representing Religion in World Cinema (effective 9/1/09)
*SCTR        33        New Testament Narratives of Cinema (effective 9/1/09)
*SCTR        139      Bible in Contemporary Fiction & Film (effective 9/1/09)

Theater and Dance
THTR          118      Studies in Shakespeare (formerly ENGL 118; also listed as ENGL 151C; effective 9/1/2019)
THTR          119      Shakespeare's Plays in Performance (effective 3/25/21)
THTR          122      Acting Styles II: Acting for the Camera (effective 9/1/09)
*THTR        173      Screenwriting (cross-listed with ENGL 173; effective 9/1/09)

Women's and Gender Studies
WGST         134      Film, Gender and Sexuality (cross-listed with ENGL 122; effective 9/1/09)
WGST         134AW  Film, Gender and Sexuality (cross-listed with ENGL 122AW; effective 9/1/09)

* Indicates Course Has Prerequisites