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Erik Sunderman

Erik Sunderman


Erik Sunderman has been working in the technical theater field for close to 25 years. In high school, he fell in love with the art, illusion, technology, and wonder of theater. He studied Technical Theater at the University of South Dakota and then received his MFA at the Yale School of Drama in Technical Design and Production.

After moving to San Jose, Erik worked as Assistant Technical Director and then Technical Director for San Jose Repertory Theatre until 2010. He was subsequently the ATD and then TD for Stanford University's Theater and Performing Arts Department until 2019.

Following Stanford, he became a stay-at-home dad and freelancer, and started a small business, 'SunCrafted'.

His passion is in technical design and he enjoys learning how technology can be used for the theater, as well as learning new things and developing his skills as a craftsperson, carpenter, welder, computer programmer, engineer, and designer. "I'm interested in sharing what I have learned and excited for students to join me in exploring new technologies and how to apply them to theater production!"