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Leon Damasco

Leon Damasco

Adjunct Lecturer

Leandro Glory Damasco, Jr. is from the city of Sacramento, CA, and his artistic journey is a hardworking narrative of passion and relentless pursuit of excellence. He's been called a “Renaissance Man”, wearing hats as a dancer, choreographer, educator, filmmaker, and resident artist for TwoPoint4 Dance Theatre.

Leon Damasco dancing with Diavolo on large blocks

His career started at the legendary Joyce Theater in New York City, where Leandro was mentored by Nicholas Leichter. This was the spark that ignited his dance career, setting him on a path of boundless growth. He hungered for more, seeking training with prestigious Bay Area companies such as Joe Goode Performance, Axis Dance, Bandaloop, and Pauvfe Dance.

Leandro continued to crave transformative experiences. He immersed himself in Cunningham technique and performed Cunningham’s “Inlets 2" and ventured into the visionary world of William Forsythe with Richard Seigel during the American Dance Festivals.

In 2012, Leandro joined the gravity-defying DIAVOLO. Here, he didn't just dance but also became the company's first resident choreographer. His brilliance shone brightly in the mesmerizing "L'espace Du Temps" trilogy, which premiered to international acclaim in Wuflsburg, Germany.

Leandro's influence extends far beyond the stage. He imparts his knowledge through choreographic and teaching residencies at numerous institutions, from CSU Sacramento to CALArts, Utah Valley University to University of Central Oklahoma, and many more. Even with a demanding tour with DIAVOLO and a stint on "America's Got Talent," he continued his educational pursuit, earning an MFA in Dance from the University of California, Irvine.

But Leandro's journey doesn't stop at the stage. He delves into movement philosophy with his unique concept, Ebb and Floorwork. Today, he's a guiding light at Santa Clara University, teaching Modern/Contemporary Dance, Performance Collaboration, Movement for Athletes, and Dance Cinematography. Beyond teaching, he remains an international dance soloist, Director of Photography, and choreographer, with his creations captivating audiences worldwide.

Select Scholarship Credits

  • Performer and Resident Choreographer for DIAVOLO | Architecture in Motion®
  • Performed Merce Cunningham's Inlets 2
  • Performed Lar Lubovitch's Northstar
  • Studied William Forsythe's work under Richard Seigel 
  • Research of Ebb and Floorwork: Harmonizing the body with the floor to achieve Flow
  • Commissioned choreographic work for Water Street Dance, Pedestal (2023), in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Director and Director of Photography of X PAT BOND (2022), a dance film that toured the world via kNOwBOX Dance Film Festival and Lebanese International Film Festival
  • Guest choreographer at University of Central Oklahoma. Ha-Shi (2017) selected for the Gala at ACDA
  • Dance Cinematographer and Visual Designer for Persian Swan (2021) and The White Feather (2023), a Persian ballet created by Tara Ghassemieh
  • Appeared on America's Got Talent
Current work

Scenes "Standing Alone," "Lost in the City,” and “Symbiosis" from Existencia (2024) for DIAVOLO, and solo & duet material and gesture motifs used throughout Jacques Heim's first evening-length work.

"Lost in the City" from Existencia, Diavolo|Architecture in Motion. Photo: Cheryl Mann


Modern/Contemporary Dance I, II, III, IV, V
Movement for Athletes
Dance Cinematography
Images Choreographer

Dancer in black standing on top of an upended box in a spotlight with 3 others reaching up

A man in blue lifting a woman in pink over the back of a white wooden chair

Black & white dance film screenshot with 3 dancers

Dance student jumping from a table to be caught by 2 other dancers in a studio

Dance students in black tops and leggings climbing an jumping off 4 large wooden boxes with their shdows projected in a white wall behind