UniversityMarketing and Communications

Editorial Style Guide

This guide was created as a quick reference tool to help SCU communicators, affiliated groups, and outside vendors follow a style that is consistent and appropriate for print and digital materials written for and about the University.

Santa Clara University House Style

This style guide establishes house rules for language use including punctuation, spelling, and formatting. It aims to ensure consistency across University communications, whether in print form, on the Web, or for social media. These guidelines have been developed with the reader in mind so that our communications are clear and appropriate to our target audiences. While this guide aims to clarify those areas where questions most often arise, it is not comprehensive. This guide is designed to supplement basic usage as found in the Associated Press (AP) Stylebook (follow AP on Twitter) and spelling as found in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.


Topics in this guide are organized by alphabetical order. For example, if you have a question about capitalizing a word, click on the letter "C," and scroll to that entry on the page. The search feature allows you to find topics by keyword, for instance, "titles," which will take you to a list of all entries related to that keyword.