UniversityMarketing and Communications

Our Brand Promise

Santa Clara’s mission is to educate well-rounded students who combine the Silicon Valley spirit of innovation with deep disciplinary knowledge, critical thinking, and ethical reasoning to help create a more humane, just, and sustainable world.

Our brand promise is what’s different about us distilled into one sentence that is easy to understand and remember. It’s our elevator speech.

Our Brand Promise:

We will educate leaders whose innovation and entrepreneurship result in personal success and service to humanity.

If we view our brand promise as separate elements and explain what we mean by each one, it’s easier to see how we bring it to life in the way we write and speak.

WE – We work together as a team. There’s a supportive culture here.

WILL EDUCATE – We are a community of scholars. First and foremost, we teach and learn. We do real-world research together and learn by the experience.

LEADERS – We provide experiences that increase students’ confidence in themselves, trust in other team members, planning ability, and collaborative skills.

WHOSE INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP – We teach and research innovatively. We study the ins and outs of entrepreneurship until we know it by heart.

RESULT IN PERSONAL SUCCESS – We graduate students who get jobs and get into graduate school. Our alumni are ambassadors, presidents of universities, governors of states, and just good citizens and neighbors.

AND SERVICE TO HUMANITY – We educate students who have empathy, who can see issues from many perspectives. Our students engage in their neighborhoods, their nation, and their world.