Enos, Michael

Michael Enos

Chief Technology Officer

MBA '11

Michael Enos, CTO of Second Harvest Food Bank, decided to further improve his knowledge and make a bigger impact in the community through Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business MBA program. As a successful businessman in his forties, Michael already had extensive experience when he joined the program, however he wanted to do what he could to meet increasing needs within the community. “The more we can scale our operations efficiently, the better stewards of donor dollars we are and the better we can optimize what we have to help the community,” Michael said. “The Santa Clara MBA gives us the tools to do that.”

The curriculum was a large factor of Michael’s decision to go to Santa Clara. Not only would he be learning from professors who were experts in their fields, but he would get the quantitative skills to help him apply a more measured sense of discipline to his work. “Santa Clara’s curriculum also has an element that focuses on the humanistic and behavioral aspects of business as well as the economic aspect,” commented Michael. “They teach you about the triple bottom line – that there are people, profit and planet involved in business.”


“The Santa Clara University MBA program provides you with an ethical framework by which to do business, and that’s extremely important to me.”


With his MBA, Michael has been able to directly influence not only his local food bank community, but the national food bank community as well. “I work on governance committees and consortiums that create systems and technologies for the national food bank network (Feeding America),” explained Michael. “I’ve been able to take the tools and skills I learned at Leavey and provide value to the entire network of food banks at a national level.”