Torres, Michael

Michael Torres

Lead Solution Engineer

MBA '11

“Sometimes it can be difficult to imagine yourself starting a company, but if you can see how others made the leap, it’s easier to see yourself in those shoes.” - Michael Torres

Originally trained as a mechanical engineer, Michael Torres made the jump in careers and is now successfully applying the knowledge he gained through Santa Clara University’s Evening MBA program to new roles, first at Oracle and now at Salesforce, where he is Lead Solution Engineer.

“I went back to school, with the intent of continuing a career in engineering, to get the business experience that would propel me into a management role,” Torres explained. “However, exposure to different opportunities and jobs that I had never considered prompted me to change my direction towards marketing and entrepreneurship.”

Torres believes the biggest attributes of the Evening MBA program are the students, the relationships that are built, and the information that is shared. “My peers brought a new perspective into academia through sharing their experiences in the industry and careers that they’ve had,” Torres explained. “Additionally, Santa Clara brought in people that were currently working in the industry and were able to provide their real-world experiences.”

Throughout his time at Santa Clara, Torres interacted with successful alumni who participated as guest speakers in various classes. These alumni, many of which were founders of companies or Angel investors, provided Torres with a new perspective. “Sometimes it can be difficult to imagine yourself making that leap and starting a company,” Torres said, “but if you can see how others made the leap, it’s easier to see yourself in those shoes.”

“Many of the opportunities presented to students in MBA programs come from the network that is developed, as well as the school and its community and industry ties,” said Torres. “I ultimately picked Santa Clara based on its reputation and its location in the heart of Silicon Valley, where I knew I wanted to focus my career.”