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Faculty Awards

Recently, our professors have been awarded a variety of awards. Take a look below.

  • The NSF awarded a grant to Jennifer Woolley for the project “RUI:  Examining Early Stage Technology Firms' Use of Business Development Programs” for $263,000.
  • Nydia MacGregor and Desmond Lo received a Sustainability Professional Development Grant in the amount of $25,000 for the project "Fostering Clean Energy Clusters."
  • Terri Griffith received the Organization Science Service Award.
  • Tammy Madsen received support from the Faculty Research Course Release Program for her project, “Clusters of Opportunity: How Shocks affect the Timing and Content of Spin-off Entry.”
  • The Food and Agribusiness Institute (Greg Baker, Erika French-Arnold, and Carol Goad) won the 2016 “Group” Sustainability Champion award from the Center for Sustainability at SCU for their activities in promoting sustainability through events, courses, and the international immersion trip for undergraduate students.
  • Greg Baker received support from the Faculty Research Course Release Program for his project, “Food Costs, Nutrition, and Food Policy for Low-Income Food Assistance Recipients.”
  • Long Le received a Sustainability Professional Development grant for “Faculty-Student Venture: Connecting Microfinance and Environmental Sustainability.”
  • Long Le’s proposal to integrate a sustainability module in an existing course and develop a new sustainability course has been accepted for Penstemon grant funding.
  • Long Le received funding to build a blog/facebook and develop events for International Business Minor.
  • Long Le received grant to support student officers of SCU Microfinance Organization to present their projects at the Justice Conference at Seattle University in summer 2017.
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