Department ofManagement & Entrepreneurship


Management Faculty in Action

The Management Department has accomplished a lot this year, take a look below.

Lead Roles in Academia

  • Tammy Madsen was elected as Associate Director, Strategy Research Foundation – Dissertation Research Program, Strategic Management Society.                 
  • Michael Santoro was elected to a two-year term as President of the Global Business and Human Rights Scholars Association.

Leave No Path Untraveled

  • Tanya Bunger, program director of the Business School's Global Fellows Program, was featured in Undergraduate Admission’s podcast Life Invented. Bunger discusses the benefits that the program brings not only to students but also to participating countries.  Find the podcast here

Ethics in the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Michael Santoro was quoted by CNN about the ethics of Avanir Pharmaceuticals paying around 500 doctors to advocate for its drug Nuedexta. The piece was picked up by 78 different news outlets. Santoro states that these doctors are not serving their job as leaders, but rather they are being a part of a “sales force.” He refutes the idea that anyone would agree to pay doctors to promote a drug because they are “thought leaders.”  Check out the story here.

Responsibility for Corporate Misconduct

  • Manuel Velasquez weighed in on a Venitism blog post which questioned where blame should lie in instances of corporate misconduct. The piece pointed out the dangers of blaming a firm, which hurts innocent people and allows those responsible for a wrongdoing to walk away scot-free; on the other hand, individuals cannot always be blamed in all cases. Ultimately, the author says, a medium must be reached.  Find the blog here.

Tesla Model 3: ABC7 News

  • Tammy Madsen was quoted in an article about Tesla’s recent losses. According to ABC7 News, Tesla has had slower production than anticipated for its promised Model 3 cars. CEO Elon Musk had promised 15 hundred of this model, but only 220 have actually been made leading to losses in their earnings report. Madsen suggests that Tesla is still not familiar with the high volume industry of car making citing their success at producing small volume.  Check out the article here.

Corporate Espionage vs. Corporate Intelligence

  • Jo-Ellen Pozner provided insight on the difference between corporate intelligence and corporate espionage in an article regarding Uber’s Marketing Analytics unit’s ethicality. She suggest that there was not always a defined way of differentiating between their gathering of information. Nonetheless, Pozner proposed looking at tactics and means of collection such as if they are utilizing public information or going undercover and being more hidden. Furthermore, Pozner argued that executive knowledge must be present if there is any type of corporate espionage.  Read the story here.

Help Wanted at Uber

  • Jo-Ellen Pozner spoke on KTVU-SF and was quoted in an article for KTVU and the San Franciso Chronicle that looked at the internal systematic strife at Uber following months of scandals and turmoil which revealed the company’s serious issues with sexism, harassment, and bullying in the workplace. While some have compared Uber, currently without a CEO, to Apple during its time without Steve Jobs, Pozner sided against the analogy.  Find the article here.

The Growth and Challenges of Entrepreneurship in Japan

  • Robert Eberhart shared his expert insight in an article that discussed the growth and challenges of entrepreneurship in Japan today. Although entrepreneurship has become more prevalent in recent years and studios like TechShop are offering incredible resources for creators, there remain significant monetary and industry-specific obstacles.  Read the story here.


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