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Andy Tsay & Naren Agrawal : Top-ten most cited rankings : SSRN

LSB’s Andy Tsay and Naren Agrawal had papers ranked in the top-ten most cited publications by the journal Manufacturing & Service Operations Management.

A paper by Andy Tsay, professor of information systems and analytics, and Naren Agrawal, the Benjamin and Mae Swig Professor of Information Systems and Analytics, was ranked #5 on the top-ten most cited publications in the journal Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (M&SOM). Tsay, who also had a paper ranked #9 on the list was one of only two researchers who appear on the list more than once. Both these publications combined have been cited over 1200 times.

M&SOM is the premier top-tier research journal for the analytics of operations management, which Financial Times (50 total journals) and UT Dallas Business School Research Rankings (24 total journals) count in their influential rankings of business schools.

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