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Atulya Sarin : Bitcoin & Litecoin

LSB’s Atulya Sarin was quoted in numerous outlets about the downfall of Bitcoin and the growth of Litecoin.

Professor of Finance Atulya Sarin was quoted in 18 news outlets including Fox Business and Wired focused on the subject of bitcoin, its failure and its decrease in value. He is further quoted in 7 other news outlets providing insight on bitcoin’s competitor, Litecoin and his prediction of a close end despite recent data showing Litecoin’s success.

An excerpt from the Wired feature:
“Atulya Sarin, a professor of finance at Santa Clara University, writes that the current bitcoin downfall is different from previous fluctuations, though. One, it’s bigger. Two, the losers now are new investors who will likely stop mining and wait to see what happens. And finally, the futures markets have changed the game, and now miners are able to estimate their mining losses and profits from the start – and are likely to avoid mining if there’s no profit looming.”

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