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Finance Professor Atulya Sarin Head Shot

Finance Professor Atulya Sarin Head Shot

Atulya Sarin : Bitcoin key players : MarketWatch

Professor Atulya Sarin talks about the main concerns that are surrounding bitcoin as its value has plummeted.

Professor of Finance Atulya Sarin published an article in MarketWatch discussing the value drop of bitcoin and how bitcoin mining seeks to recover some of these losses. Bitcoin miners will only be able to recover losses for cost of capital in the long run with the current bitcoin equilibrium price being a little higher than the mining cost.

However, if the price were to drop below mining cost, miners would not receive a compensation for their losses in cost of capital and would find it best not to be involved in the bitcoin blockchain. Regulatory interference and uncertainties about a technology in its infancy are two of the main concerns that Professor Sarin talks about in his article as key players that are affecting bitcoin.

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