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Jonny Netz : Bellevue Teen Revs Business Engine with Zadart Exotic Car Rental : Bellevue Reporter

Business student Jonny Netz shares the story of Zadart, his luxury car rental service for the Bellevue area.


Leavey business student Jonny Netz, class of 2020, was featured in the Bellevue Reporter for his luxury car rental service, Zadart Exotic Car Rentals. As a Bellevue native, Netz now runs the business from afar, renting out dozens of luxury, exotic, and supercars from a storefront. He started Zadart at the age of 17 while still in high school after noticing the lack of any rental service for exotic and unique cars.

An excerpt from the article:

But through his hard work, help from family and friends, and a little bit of luck, Zadart has been able to expand. It opened the storefront at 11855 Bel-Red Road in Bellevue and Netz hopes he can grow his fleet this summer to around 40 vehicles.

Netz said the key to his business was word-of-mouth, reviews on sites like Yelp (on which, he is proud to say, Zadart holds a five-star rating), and willingness to lose a little money to keep clients happy long term.

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