Finance Professor Robert Hendershott Head Shot

Finance Professor Robert Hendershott Head Shot

Robert Hendershott : Future of Uber CEO Unclear : KGO

Finance Professor Robert Hendershott weighed in on a KGO article about Uber’s leadership and the uncertain future of its CEO.


Finance Professor Robert Hendershott Head Shot

Robert Hendershott, an Associate Professor of Finance, weighed in on an article for KGO about the uncertain future of Uber’s CEO following accusations of sexism and sexual harassment. Professor Hendershott pointed to a shift in accountability for CEOs of new, high-profile startups brought to light by this situation.

An excerpt from the article:

Start-up's have generally been guided by venture capitalists and a board of directors, who bring experience. However, Santa Clara University finance professor Robert Hendershott points out some board members have more power than others.

"What's happening today, is a new form of governance where it's not clear the CEO of these very successful, very high profile start-up's are accountable to anybody," said Hendershott.

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