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A WSJ article - Feb 2016

A WSJ article - Feb 2016

SCU Business Majors Ahead of the Game

A Wall Street Journal article - 2/1/16

Santa Clara University was ranked 4th in the nation for the salary potential of its business majors, according to a study that was published in the Wall Street Journal.

The study, conducted by Eric R. Eide of Brigham Young University and Michael J. Hilmer of San Diego State University, looked at the cost-benefit analysis of elite colleges. They found that degrees from prestigious schools boost future earnings, but only in certain fields, such as business and liberal-arts.

“The starkest earnings differences are for business majors, where graduates from the selective institutions earn 12% more on average than midtier graduates and 18% more than graduates from less-selective colleges,” Eide and Hilmar write. “There are many possible explanations for the disparities. In business, more prestigious schools may offer better alumni networks and other connections with potential employers. In other fields of study, more prestigious schools may offer better peer connections, faculty, university resources and, at least in social science and the humanities, access to better graduate programs. Whatever the reason, parents and students may be justified in looking for a prestigious degree in these majors.”

Read the full Wall Street Journal piece here.

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